The work reflects on the 2018 Hungarian parliamentary elections.
In Hungary, every political side agrees that the 2018 Hungarian elections have a huge importance.
Both the government party and the opposition are campaigning that victory is the only chance to save the country from a catastrophe.
According to right-wing government party Fidesz's communication, in the case of the victory of the opposition, after the demolition of the fence at the southern Hungarian border, Georg Soros's migrant hordes will flood the country, to take away the work and culture of the Hungarians.
On the other hand, according to the opposition's unanimous opinion, in case of Orban's victory, the final consolidation of the illiberal, corruption-based state and the concretization of power will come. The processes that Fidesz has started in recent years will continue. Attacks against the refugees, Georg Soros, NGOs, the UN, and the EU, and the ban of all-kind independent organizations and independent judiciary will proceed, as well as the further corrupt enrichment of the government's close billionaire oligarchs.
On March 15 the commemoration day of 1848 Hungarian War of Independence Viktor Orbán announced that after the elections his opponents will be avenged in a moral, political and legal sense ...

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